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Getting Started Tips:


·     Where can you get the motivation you’ll need to start and finish writing your book. See how to discover what your writing triggers are, then allow them to push your buttons. READ ARTICLE



·     Understand why you should write a book outline before getting started on your manuscript. It helps a great deal if you have a definite story idea and plot for your book at the very beginning.  READ ARTICLE


·      What important book writing decision should you make, before formatting your manuscript? Understanding how to write your book involves knowing what to expect, in the way of formatting… READ TIP




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Your story, whatever it is, is just waiting to be told!








There’s NEVER been a

BETTER time to finally sit down and start to write a book!


No matter what you choose to write about, while living through this COVID-19 pandemic, there are lots of eager readers online.


Do you have something to say, that you want people to hear?


Maybe you need good writing tips to help you write your first novel, instead of a work of nonfiction.


Either way, these articles and book writing tips can help. There are tons of smart suggestions on how to write a book successfully, and things you never thought you had to know.


These writing tips cover the entire book writing and self publishing process. Everything from beginning to end, plus all the stuff in between.


You can also learn about how to promote your book online, and try to gain exposure, even before the manuscript is completed.



No book writing resource site would be complete without tips on how to self-publish on Amazon and other online platforms. Also advice about valuable book marketing strategies. is here to












It takes Courage to write a book!






“This is actually the book that helped me discover the serious writer in me, nearly 30 years, 2 novellas, and 2 novels ago! I still refer back to it, from time to time.”

Author - Charm Baker







Why Writers Need Courage to Write (Narrated by Charm Baker)



 Hi, I’m Charm Baker. I started this year (2020), following the outbreak of COVID-19. I know there are scores of regular people out there who are seriously thinking about writing a book (whenever they’re not fearing for their lives or livihood). I’m here to offer valuable book writing tips and advice, so take advantage of my more than twenty years of first-hand- online writing experience. 



The best book writing tips come from authors who have already walked in your footsteps. So get ready to Read, Learn, and:




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